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Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Men & Women  
State-of-The-Art Treatments : Require NO Surgery and NO Down Time!
Assures Exceptionally Exact and Gentle Treatment
Removes Hair Anywhere on the Face & Body
Uses State-of-the-Art Diode Laser Procedures
Requires NO Down-Time for Patients
Is Laser Hair Removal For me?
Everyone's hair grows differently, depending on age, weight, metabolism, hormones, ethnicity, medications, and other factors. So, it depends on your type of hair growth. If excessive hair growth is bothersome to you, then you are a candidate for Laser Hair Removal. Laser Creations treats all aspects of hair removal including bikini line, chin, face, legs, arms, underarms and more.
Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?
Laser Creations uses state-of-the-art Diode Laser treatments. These therapies are specifically designed to match your skin type and hair type, assuring exceptionally exact and gentle treatment. The area may appear and feel mildly sunburned, a reaction that usually subsides within a day or so.
Does It Hurt?
While pain tolerance is an individual matter, most people tolerate laser treatment well, and describe the sensation as a rubber band snap to the skin. The majority of patients require no anesthesia, though a topical anesthetic is optional for more sensitive areas.
How Long Does a Laser Treatment Take?
While Laser is able to cover relatively large areas at high speed, the exact treatment time is determined by the size of the area being treated. The upper lip and underarm take only a few minutes, whereas the legs may require up to an hour.
The Laser Advantage
For Men & Women seeking long lasting solutions to hair on the face or body, Diode Laser Hair Removal is the perfect alternative.
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